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ppl in africa are dying


ppl in africa are dying

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''Gorgeous beach curls in less than 20 minutes:

1. Dampen your hair with a spray bottle or let it semi air dry after washing it.

2. Part your hair into four sections. They don’t have to be sectioned perfectly. Tie them off to keep them separated from each other. Spray each section lightly with hair spray.

3. Start twisting your hair in the direction you want your curl to be. I twisted mine away from my face. Keep twisting until it tightens to the point it starts to coil on its own.

4. Coil it into a tight bun and then use bobby pins to keep it in place.

5. Blow your hair until it’s dry. The longer you dry it, the tighter your curl will be.

6. Undo the bobby pins and take your buns out of their coil.

7. Separate your curls using your fingers and then scrunch to add some body.

8. You’re finished! Lightly spray with hair spray then you’re good to go!''

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Some DIY ideas that I love

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diy owl polka dot shirt

thanks to Minted Strawberry for the tutorial :D

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Phone wallpaper

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